Memory Maker -- do I really need to do nothing?

I have memory maker. I can see it in MDE.

So, we can just show up at the parks and find a friendly Photopass photographer to take our picture and presumably he/she will beep my MagicBand and we’re good to go? And if we ride an attraction with a photo or video we just need to ride the ride and smile and our photo or video will show up in our MemoryMaker account?

We really need to do nothing else?

Nope just make sure after your trip is done that you download them before they expire.

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I was curious about that too - particularly with the rides. So, after the ride we don’t need to check in and have our picture linked to our MagicBand? The photo (even though it will not have been taken yet) will be linked to us before we even get on the ride?

No the photo gets linked as the photo is taken. They use long range RFID scanners on the rides now so it knows which ride vehicle you are in and drops that photo into your account.

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Wow! That is pretty amazing! Thanks for clarifying that.

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We have gotten duplicates of a picture when several people in a picture were all linked to one account. we’ve also gotten pictures of random people because the sensor messed up.

I’ve thought about hiding an extra magic band on a ride vehicle and seeing all the different poses throughout a day



@Outer1, your avatar looks like Joe Rohde, famed Disney imagineer.

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