Memory Maker Dilemma

Just reading a post in chat and it got me thinking… we will definitely be purchasing MM for our 4 generation family trip but I’m concerned of the amount of time it will take out of the TP and the etiquette invloved. We obviously want shots of the entire group.
DD29 is going to want pics of her family (DD29, DH, and DgD3) then there will be the 4 generation woman picture ( great grandma, grandma, mom, and daughter). Sister in law is Godmother to all children and grandchild and she will definitely want her own set of pictures. Then theres my family, … the combinations seem endless. I’m not sure how to go about this. We will be touring together at all times. I can see a PP opportunity taking upwards of 10-15 minutes with this group.
Should I limit them to only the must haves? How would you factor them into a TP? What about the etiquette factor? Are there rules like getting back in line after the group picture?? All comments welcome.

Set your touring speed to very relaxed this will help with delays and bathroom breaks. It also help you to smell the roses.

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The photopass photographers are pretty quick at getting photos but I would worry about taking too much time if there was a lineup.

There are a lot of photo opportunities throughout the parks. Perhaps decide on a small number of groupings for each opportunity. You probably don’t need multiple poses at every one. If there is no lineup, you could try for more.


Agree with this. I’ve been on both ends. Always feel self conscious holding up the line. Get frustrated watching multiple combinations.

One suggestion for the combinations is to go early and do some of the “less popular” spots. Everyone wants Main Street and the castle of course.

Our example…We stayed at Boardwalk. Went through IG one morning on way to France for breakfast. It was almost empty and there was a photopass cm right at the bridge into France. We could easily have gotten 50 pics if we had wanted. Maybe there are more spots like that.


At the bottom of this page is a map with all the photopass spots… more or less (not always there, but these are generally where they would be)

Take a look and cross reference with your TP, then decide which ones are must haves and which photos would be fun at each location. That way, you get the ones everyone wants. Also, have alternates, in case a photographer isn’t there or maybe a family member is in the bathroom, but a photographer happens to show up while you’re waiting (take the opportunity!) Keep in mind when the sun will be in the eyes of the little ones, as you might want those special photos done early in the day.

I can assure you, you don’t want one of each at every location. It becomes overwhelming. Sure, your chances of getting one with everyone smiling and their eyes open are better with more photos, but you will have plenty anyway. Also, you don’t want to family to mutiny as you request 15 minutes of photos at 10 different locations.


Even in my super crowded TP, I always have 20minutes break moments. I used those to get pictures!

I agree with breaking up photo pass locations for different family photos. I never got our Tangled Lantern photos because a large family took a long time (15 minutes or more) to take multiple photos of the large family together, individual family photos and then individual people photos. The line was huge and we were about half way back. We realized the line hadn’t been moving for quite some time and my DH went up front to see what the problem was. He came back very irritated when he saw what was happening. We ended up just leaving because I couldn’t justify waiting for who knows how long with our kids and the park closing in 45 minutes. I understand families want photos, but there gets to a point where you are causing a problem for others who would like to have some great photos too. With that being said, getting photos typically doesn’t take take huge amounts of time away from park touring. Many times we ran across photopass photographers as we were strolling along and just stopped along the way.


Good point @MissBelleCA. I’m going to get on revamping the TP.

Thanks for the link @Ariadne. That super nice of you.

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I wouldnt mind being " that guy" when in MILF. But i definitely dont want to be “that family” when it comes to pictures.
That’s why I need a good plan. I know my family all too well. They could easily become “that family” in a heartbeat.
Maybe along with a solid plan I can explain Disney’s rules about 2 different pictures per group…Then you have to re-enter the line… It’s not really a rule but they don’t know that.

Love em to death but they can be very picture happy/crazy. Every time there’s a get together we get about 100 pictures. And it’s not like we don’t see each other often. We get together at a minimum of once a week at church and after church. Most times multiple times per week. Lol.

I can’t stand the people who need to take a video of the fireworks… but unfortunately my family are the ones taking the video. Haha.

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Stop and take the pictures. You won’t regret it and you aren’t going to miss out on anything by doing so. I made my family stop for just about every photo op. While I got the eye roll sometimes, everyone loved having all the pictures when we returned.

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