Memory maker, different questions

I know if I purchase the memory maker at the reduced price I can´t start using it for three days, but is there a limit for how far in advanced you can purchase it? Is it ok if I buy it now and we will be in Disney on Febr 13th? Photo pass, is that the same as Memory Maker? Can the Memory Maker be used in Disney Springs or only inside the parks?

No limit on buying early. DIS is happy to take your cash now for photos you will use next month. Usually we buy in advance when booking the vacation - so several months out.

Photo Pass & Memory Maker are effectively the same. Each of the photographers is a “Photo Pass Location” while Memory Maker is the purchased product of those pictures. There should be Photo Pass Photographers in Disney Springs as well to take advantage of although on the map they only list 1 in the marketplace. I think it’s safe to say there are far fewer Photo Pass options in DS than the parks…