Memory Maker Confusion

I just purchased MM for our upcoming trip. I selected the "Will Call" option for delivery and it was automatically linked to MDE. Do I need to go somewhere when I get to the park??? or is it automatically linked to my magic band? Will it also link to my DH magic band automatically? Is there a way to check?

As long as you're on site you don't need to pick up the card unless you want someone without a MB linked to you in MDE to be able to use it. It's mostly for off site guests.

Thanks @Outer1. We will be at GF. So the Will Call is for a physical card? When the magic bands arrive is there any way of confirming that MM is actually linked?

Yes the will call is for a physical card. Really anything that is listed in your MDE account is automatically linked to the MB since it's just a way for them to access the information in MDE,

Also remember with photo's they automatically use your MB to assign the picture to the one being photo'd, the MM package just allows you to download those photo's at no additional charge. It would make no difference to the actual photographer they do things the same way for everyone.

Of course I'm saying all of this in theory because we haven't gone yet lol. I'm sure someone with a little more firsthand experience will come along and confirm. Or put me in my place lol.