Memory maker clarification

I have been trying to find this information somewhere and I haven’t been able to. Do you need to have the Memory Maker package to get your picture taken by a Photo Pass person, or can you still buy the pictures individually like you could in the past? My husband and I are going soon, again, and usually only get a couple pictures taken by the Photo Pass staff.

You can get a card from the photographers, look at the pictures and pay individually for the pictures.

And you can use just one card. I advise taking a picture of the back of the card in case you misplace it.

Do you need a card? I did not have MM when I went to Anna and Elsa. They scanned my band and I went to the photo pass link in MDE.

It can be card, if you are not using magic bands… but magic bands work very easily. My kids used to fight over who’s turn it was to get their magic band scanned by the photographer.

You can always get your picture taken. And look at them online. However the photos online expire and are deleted after 30 days.

You can buy Memory maker for $169 pre trip or $199 during or after your trip.
You can download a single photo for $15 EACH (highway robbery if you ask me).

You can do memory maker/photopass shares (try in their forums to find a group to share with. It end up with a total of $25-35 for all of the photos.