Memory maker character photos?

I was wondering do they take pictures at the character meals? We will be going to OHANA and H&V. Do they take photos at our tables or do I need my own camera?

You need your own camera for these two (and all others, I believe). Before you eat at 'Ohana, you wait in line for a photo with Stitch and there is a photopass photographer there. But all of the other characters come around to the table and you’ll need your own camera.

Just breakfast. No stitch at dinner

Oh yes, only breakfast because that’s the character meal. Dinner is not a character meal.

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There was no separate line for stitch when I did this breakfast in April 2017. All characters photos were table side.

Yes, it’s a newer process. We were there in August 2017 and Stitch was separate. I remember reading here before my trip that they had changed things around.

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How compulsory is this?

Completely optional. You get the buzzer before you get in line, so I assume you can just sit down or wander the entire time. But I don’t think you get seated any faster if you skip Stitch.

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I just find these things a bit awkward, e.g. the “compulsory” photo when you do CRT.

Some of us want the photos to remember our trip. Some will have piles of photos and some will have piles and piles of discarded SPREADSHEETS. lol

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My spreadsheets are every bit as beautiful as your photos :smile:

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Maybe even more so. I’m better behind the camera, I have a face for radio.


H&V (lunch and dinner) has one photopass/memory maker character meet (we met Mickey in January) and the others meet tableside. Same for Ohana however in January Stitch was meeting tableside and we met Pluto in the line so things change periodically.

A picture is worth a thousand…cells?!?