Memory Maker Attraction Photos

There are some old posts on this topic, but it seemed to be mostly swirl. I know there are a ton of MM shares on here, so I figured someone would know the answer.

My MIL purchased the memory maker, and we are linked as friends. I can see her plans, and she can see mine. How do attractions work? She does not rider many of the faster attractions, which I know have the majority of ride photos. For instance, some of the group (excluding my MIL) will be riding 7DMT. Will we get the video if she does not ride? Spaceship earth is another place where we can get the video but will all be in seperate cars.

Any advice?

As long as you are linked as friends you should be all set to go.

I think she is the only one who can download after the trip, so you will need to set up a way to share the photos at that point in time.

We typically get a ride photo for each band that is registered, so if my husband and son are in one car and myself and other son in the car behind them, we each get a photo (and sometimes multiples). If you split up and someone is riding a ride with photos and someone else is meeting a character or stops by a street photographer, those will all show up as well. It’s a really easy system to use!

The ride photos will be added to your PhotoPass and then therefore visible to her because you are linked as friends. You just need to have your magic band on the ride in order to get the ride photos and videos.

Like the pp said, she will be the only one able to download the pictures, they will all show up with a watermark on your account.