Memory Maker and photos from the attractions

Does anyone know how or if the memory maker works with regards to the photos taken on rides? For example when your photo comes up after riding Rockin Roller Coaster, do you need to wait around to somehow link to your magic band? I wonder if they somehow know where you are in the car based on your magic band.

No. You don’t need to wait around to link the picture. The system somehow knows you are on the various rides and automatically links your picture to your MM account.

So what is the point of the “picture claiming” then? We had MM on a previous trip and it worked as expected, automatically including our ride pics. On our most recent trip, the new stations were installed and I just assumed that our picture had still be captured automagically and that tapping my band would bring up my group’s picture for us to see. Instead, we claimed some strangers who are now showing up in our picture collection with no way to “unclaim” them.

There is no point in claiming them.

Thanks for the info. We’ll let you know how it worked out in 54 days!