Memory Maker and My Disney Experience

In order to occupy my time prior to our trip, I’m slowing taking care of things ahead of time.

  1. Purchase AP for me. Check
  2. Purchase tickets for the rest of the family. Check
  3. Reserve off site house rental. Check
  4. Set up My Disney Experience, and link up the family. Check
  5. Link up tickets to MDE. TBD
  6. Buy Magic Bands for family. Check
  7. Link up Magic Bands in MDE. TBD
  8. Figure out how Memory Maker works in MDE!!!

I’m currently looking at doing number 8. But I’m not sure I can do anything. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious way to access MM in MDE. But perhaps it will only show up once I activate my annual pass?

So, what is the process for this? I want to make sure everyone on my Friends and Family list is linked to Memory Maker. Can that be done ahead of time in MDE? Or is it something that will have to wait until I activate?

I think that everyone in your friends and family list is automatically linked to your Memory Maker. Once I have purchased it there was never any problem with them all using their magic bands to save photos. They all showed up in my account on their own.

Ah. Well if that’s the case, I can update line 8:

  1. Figure out how Memory Maker works in MDE. Check



The only ones I would not be sure about are your son and daughter-in-law since I believe you said that they have their own MDE account. I am pretty confident that having them in your account on your friends and family list is all that is required but I have never gone with anyone who wasn’t just on my MDE account so I can’t be 100%.

Oh, sure. Backtrack on your original answer! :wink:

Perhaps a more general question is if there is anywhere in the MDE app that I can see who is or isn’t able to access MM. As of right now, I really can’t find ANYTHING related to MM other than the PhotoPass section (where all I see there is an option to buy Memory Maker now).

I didn’t find the app very useful for providing information about Memory Maker. As you said, it has info about purchasing it and once you are at WDW your photos will start automatically turning up in the app, but otherwise it wasn’t much help.

Okay. Good. Then it isn’t just me being stupid. :smiley:

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If you don’t manage their plans:

On the computer:
MDE >My Friends and Family >Choose person >Update >Make sure the box “My Disney Photopass Photos” is solid

I don’t know if it matters if the radio for All Plans or Shared Plans makes a difference.

Sara went to Disney last August without me and all of her photos were available on my MDE account (I had an annual pass, she did not). I downloaded them and sent them over to her via dropbox.

If you manage the individual’s account (such as for a minor child; they don’t have an MDE login) all of their photos will automatically show up in your account. What you will want to do is click on Update and check to see if your other friends can plan for them as well, and manage their photos. I have full permissions set for everyone because it was easier when traveling with a large party.

ETA: You’ll want to be sure that all the parties have the photo pass box solid, otherwise their images will not show up in your MDE

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Awesome! Thanks. I checked on the website. This bit from your post:

That was good to go for everyone! So, technically I didn’t have to do anything, it is good to be able to verify everyone is already set up properly!

You da bom!

Excellent! I think it defaults to being checked, so probably you would have been ok. Just have your son and DIL sign in and make sure it’s checked on their account to share with you.

Will do! Thanks again.

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I asked a friend I’m friends with in MDE what MM photos look like on her end (I got an AP when I went a month ago) and she can see them, but they are watermarked all over with Disney Photopass. I recall from last time I had AP (2015) and went with large group (family), I had to download the originals for them. We just made sure everyone was linked to my account. The photos themselves will appear on your main screen when logging in with link to “My Photos”