Memory maker and dining, oh my!

What pictures do you get with memory maker? Photos from all the rides? From photographers throughout the parks? And then you get free access to all the photos of you and can print into a book some place of your choosing?

I’m wondering if it is worth it or not. I’m guessing you have to wait after each ride to find your pictures and then add then to your magic band or something, to be added to your memory maker?

Also, we have no dining reservations and didnt plan to make any. If it’s not character meals, can’t we just pop into a quick service or sit down place to eat? I mean, we will be able to fine something surely? Or is reservations necessary? We don’t know when we will be hungry or at and I don’t want to plan my day around dining reservations!


Nope. Rides are automatically sent to your MDE App (be warned, there might be a wait for it to finally show up. Could even be a full day). Photographer ones they’ll scan your band soon as they take the photo. You can also then access them online later.

Absolutely. Just about every QS place you can do this short of BOG in the morning. Might be another or two, but I can’t think of any.

And lunch. It’s the only ADR I made

Our family stops at every single photopass person we see. We absolutely LOVE memory maker and we have so many great pictures because of it. I will never not take memory maker.


Your pictures will (mostly) be automagically added, there are Magic Band readers on the rides when your pictures are taken. Occasionally you will notice some pictures that don’t show up because they didn’t read correctly, but you can go online and request them.

I’ve seen some reports of restaurants making you go on the app and book a reservation for right then (when available). QS you can just walk into whenever.

Only select rides have photos and a few of them you do need swipe your band (Buzz) but most will just appear. I’d say it’s most worth it if you do character meals or greets. You can also fine the photographers randomly throughout the park. For example we got photos at the castle, China and France pavilions.

In terms of ADRs at a TS there’s still a good chance the restaurant will be full. If you have your heart set on a place I’d try to get an ADR now. You can use reservation finder. Remember that you. An cancel with 24 hour notice without penalty if that’s your worry.

There are plenty of good QS places to eat. Just be aware that the QS locations get very busy between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM fir lunch and between 5 PM and 7 PM for dinner.

Actually, nope, even Buzz’s will show up automatically. It can take a while though.

My DH missed scanning and we never got it. I scanned and got mine.

Yea for TS (sit-down) if it’s popular you would most likely need an ADR; however there are lots of really good quick service restaurants and a lot of them allow mobile ordering - use it to save time

Glitch in the system then, which can happen no matter what (I’ve even had photographer ones fail to get there from time to time). Every time I’ve been on Buzz I’ve always got it. All the rides are automatically added, it’s just the photographer ones that require interaction.
EDIT: did you see if they were online and/or did you contact a CM for help? Their system is suuuuper archaic for getting the photos (their system only does “designated spot” and “time” tags, not by guest or actual geo-tagging), but if it logged, a repush to your MDE should take care of it.

Enchanted Tales with Belle they give card to scan afterwards. Though I advise take you own pics as well, out of 45 pics in our group none had DD8. Called and they said that was all the photos for that turn. :confused:

I did a Memory Maker Share. I loved it. It was less than $30 and we got lots of beautiful pictures.


Do they do photopass at character meals? There weren’t any at 1900PF in January…

Also with ETWB and Jedi thing at DHS - you can take the card to a photopass place and they will scan it to add only your pics - rather than having all the photos of a bunch of strangers

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I had no idea! That’s great.

I didn’t have a hat the 4 character meals. Forgot to mention that if you do BBB it’s totally worth it. You get photos during the transformation and also a professional photo shoot afterwards at Castle Couture.

Sorry CRT and Akershus had them but only fit the Belle/Cinderella Greer and the entrance. No photos when they come to the tables. I read that there is a photographer at 1900 in the back by Cinderella’s slipper.

Forgot about that one - there is one with the glass slipper for dinner and with tigger at breakfast. Was thinking during the meal.

I think MM is criminally expensive and must be a massive profit-centre for WDW. I would never pay for it but Brits get it for free :smile:

Some of my favourite photos ever taken are MM photos. So, you know, what’s that worth to you?