Memory maker -adding bands to my account

Hello! My sons high school band will be visiting in April so of course that means that my family will be also! :grin: I purchased a memory maker for my family and I was hoping to add a few other families on also. Can I just add them when we come home by putting everyone’s numbers in? Is there a limit to the number of bands I can put on? We have been to Disney before but not with this style of memory maker or with magic bands (yes that means it’s been a while… :frowning:)

Thanks for any info!

You need to connect as friends. You do not need to add bands to your own account (unless they are bands for your own family members whose plans you already manage). You just need to go to the friends and family section of your MDE and add guests. You can type their names and emails in, and that will let them share photos with you. From your account you will be able to see and download all the photos using the memory maker you purchased.

Hope that helps, but please ask follow ups. This forum is well versed in how to share photos, and setting it up can be a bit tricky!

Do I have to do this for each person or just for the person who controls the account? One family has 7 people and the other has 4 plus I have to add my kids tickets because it it purchased through the band and not my account…

Each person has to be connected for the pics to show up on your account. You can connect people who are managed within someone else’s account by entering their details with the account holder’s email.

I do not think you can connect a kid. Not sure if the age cutoff is 13 or 18.

If it helps streamline, in my 7 person group we designated 3 people the photo people. It works just fine because, with our plans, there was never a time that one of those three people wouldn’t be there to swipe. The only place I had to finagle was with 7DMT. We sent my sister’s band on the ride with her husband to make sure that he and their little one got picked up.

If someone happens to miss a picture, it isn’t too much trouble to get Disney to find it as long as you know when and where it was taken and can give a description of who is in the pic.

When I went with my brother and his family we were all linked as friends on MDE. I even added the kids as my friends on my account. (Their dad manages their plans, so he is the one that accepted each invitation.) The kids are younger, and actually enjoyed taking turns tapping their bands to add the pics. Word to the wise: if 4 people tap the same photo, the photo will appear 4 different times in memory maker. :slight_smile: As far as I know there are no limits as to how many “friends” you can have on MDE.

It was nice to have them all linked because then we could make changes and arrangements all together (one person could just hop on the app and take care of it, instead of multiple people having to be on the app each time). . The down-side to having lots of people listed is that if you are just trying to make arrangements for a small group of people you have to scroll through all the “friends” to find the ones you want to make the arrangements for.

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Thank you! My “kid” is actually 16. He will be there with his high schools band so we are tagging along on our own reservation. :blush: I would just love to have the pictures he takes also. We are all booked and ready to go, including tickets and fast passes for him (for the days the band is not there and he is stuck with the family :wink:). I will not be given the ticket number for the band trip until the beginning of next month though so I am itching to get that and connect his stuff with ours. Lol. I am a HUGE planner!

On the days the band will be there he will be off with his friends so I only have 2 rules for him… 1. You MUST take photo pass pictures of a minimum of 5 a day and 2. The day we are Epcot with the band he must meet the family (friends welcome also) so we can get a picture as a family with at least one Disney character in the Chase card meet and greet.

So excited for our trip!!!

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