Memorial Day - what's it really like?

So, a few days ago, I posted that I was going to plan a “secret trip” for May 2020. Well, I’m terrible at secrets, apparently. :joy:

I asked hubby if he’d rather go May 2020 or May 2021. He doesn’t have much (OK, none) background on what’s coming up, what trips will look like in those timeframes, nothing. He just doesn’t care and lets me do all the planning.
That said, he thought a May 2020 trip would “be fine.” He’s thinking that we’ll stop going with the kids at some point because they’ll get too old, and we’ll switch to other destinations. Oh, the innocence!

We’ve typically been going every other year. May 2020 would be only 18 months after our last trip, so a bit quicker than usual. Plus, I’d really prefer to do a longer trip if we’re going in warmer weather. More pool time!

What this all means is… I need advice from you lovely folks. Am I crazy to plan a trip for Memorial Day week 2020? I see the crowds are pretty high that week, this year, and I can’t even imagine how insane HS will be. But, is 2021 even better? Will I die if I can’t go for 2.5 years? (ok, not REALLY… but still… you all know what I mean)

So, what IS Memorial Day (and late May) like? Schools are getting out, the weather is getting warmer. We’ve always gone in October/December.

I haven’t died yet…but, if I pass away in the near future, you might take it as a sign to get your trip moved up as soon as possible! :wink:

Our last DISNEY trip was in Oct. 2016. Next one is May, 2020 (with a second December 2020).


I can’t answer your question because we are taking our first family trip coming up on May 29th! However, I keep wishing I knew when most kids get out of school. I know when kids get out of school in my area, but it seems like that could affect crowds as well. For example, my area has always had their last day of school some time in the first week of June. But this year, their last day of school is May 24th right before Memorial Day weekend. If the average American School year ends at the end of May this year instead of June, it seems to me that Memorial Day weekend would be EVEN MORE insane. So I’m following along in case others mention when their summer starts and have insight on late- May.

Good luck in your planning! look forward to following along!

Same for us, @Laura_hastings - we’re almost always in school until the first week of June. However, the next two years (this summer and next), they’ve pushed it up so that the kids are out just before Memorial Day weekend. Weather around here, that weekend, is very hit-or-miss. Could be 50, could be 90. So, it’s hard for me to know what it’s like in FL, then.
I’ve always assumed that many of the southern schools got out earlier, and started earlier, and that’s why late August is a good trip time. ??

I thought I was pretty smart booking May 29th (AFTER memorial day but BEFORE the typical last day of school). But, watching my crowd calendar numbers creep up every month has got me thinking other people had the same idea. OOPS!! Oh well. I have great Fast Passes and a TP for each day, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be alright. However, walking with a jillion people next to me is not one of my favorite activities.

Weather wise? It will be hot. High 80s most likely (some 90s possibly). I live in Texas and we are swimming in our swimming pools by late April usually. Wear cool clothes, no jackets needed, drink water and you will be golden. August & September weather is almost unbearable, so May is a great time to go for “summer weather.” If you were not asking about weather… then you can completely ignore my rant :slight_smile:

We have gone over Memorial Day multiple times in the past (most recently last year). Compared to many other holiday weekends, I don’t find it that bad. It’s crowded (but when isn’t Disney crowded these days?). What I don’t know is how SWGE will change crowds for next year.