Memorial Day Weekend @ DLR

Hi everyone, we are planning a 2-day family trip to Disneyland and California Adventure in the coming weeks. Memorial Day Weekend is one option, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Crowd Calendar for both parks lower than what I was expecting on both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend (5/28 and 5/29). However, the hotels I’ve checked for those dates are priced like it is very much a peak weekend. I normally trust the Crowd Calendar without question, but could this be a situation where the calendar is underestimating attendance for some reason? How have past (pre-2020) Memorial Day weekends been at the parks?

Thanks so much!

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Hi Daniel -

I will be there this Memorial Day as well and am hoping for lower crowds, but most likely the Crowd Calendar is understating how busy it will be. I’ve been during Memorial Day in the past and it is busy, but not as busy as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Halloween season. But it is still busy.

That said, it’s totally doable and I would not hesitate to go if that is a time that works for you.


We’ve gone several times and we’ve always loved it as a fun way to kick off summer break (our school district used to always let out by the Friday before Memorial Day weekend).

It is busy but only gets crazy if they are rolling out something new. This year all but the most expensive pass type is blocked out for the weekend BUT it is also the weekend I believe they will be bringing back Fantasmic, so seeing the show will be absolutely swamped and may drive up attendance.

So bottom line I would expect it to be busy and even moreso massively busy on the west side of the park around Fantastmic showtimes (and maybe even quite early on), but if that’s a weekend that works well for your schedule, I wouldn’t necessarily avoid it.

ETA: I had a response drafted from last night that I’ve just now come back to finish and saw after I added it, @Jeff_AZ has basically said the same thing. :slight_smile:


That’s the weekend we’ll be there as well. First time to the DLR since 2018. First time to CA since 2016! I think I’m going to miss MaxPass or even the original FastPass. We’ll see how it goes.

I THINK I’ve got a handle on how to use Genie+ and the individual LL. I hope.

Yo ho, yo ho, no Pirates life for me! :frowning:

I’ll be there next weekend (Memorial Day) as well! Note that in addition to the holiday weekend and the return of Fantasmic!, it’s also Star Wars Celebration at the nearby Anaheim Convention Center (with a Star Wars Nite party at DL Friday night). I’m prepared for it to be packed. Planning to use Genie+, mobile ordering and the dining reservations I’ve secured to make the most of it.