Memorial Day weekend crowds at WDW

I know I can look (and have looked) at the Crowd Calendar, but I’m wondering if any of you have first-hand experience being in the WDW parks over Memorial Day Weekend.

What does the crowd level “feel” like? How horribly hot is it? Any tips that you can think of to make it manageable? (Aside from the most obvious: use a Touring Plan!)


It has been a very long time since we have gone during that time. From what I remember it was extremely hot :frowning: It seemed pretty crowded but that was a long time ago. Probably 30-45 waits on some rides.

I was there last year. The weather was great and I would not consider it to be terribly hot. Waits were definitely manageable. The only crazy waits seemed to be for the big time attractions, which should be expected.

We were there for 2014. When we booked it, the crowd predictor showed high crowds over the weekend, but not so bad during the week. I think it was relatively accurate. May is star wars weekends at HS, and they announced some original cast members would be there so all the resorts got booked up at the last minute (even if previously had some availability). The first weekend and weekdays we were there were okay, but nothing could prepare me for MK memorial day weekend evening/night. It was PACKED (morning was okay) and I mean crazy crazy crazy. At some point the hours changed (it wasn’t the case when we first booked) to make it open all night (not sure if it was Saturday into Sunday, or Sunday into Monday- I think it was the first) and it was mobbed by late afternoon/evening. We had to leave earlier than we had planned, before fireworks, and people were streaming off monorail after monorail, RUNNING toward the park, as we waited a really long time for the resort monorail. It was really only that weekend that was bad (weekdays were okay), but I don’t plan on going back over that time again. Last year we went the second week of May instead and it was much more manageable (still Star Wars weekend and busy, but manageable). Both years, I thought the weather was good (it was hot and we stocked up on water and stuff, but nothing to stress over). This year we are going in April (date is was picked merely to follow our 7 day cruise, I would have no problems going in May again). My recommendation is to avoid a park that has extended hours over that weekend, and if it is hot, plan a cool break midday (we stay at the Poly and head to the pool midday). Enjoy your trip!!