Memorial Day CL Question

DL 1st timer. We are looking to go either Memorial Day 2017 weekend or the next weekend (6/2/17 - 6/5/17). The blackout dates aren’t out yet, but the same holiday weekend this year has blackouts. Is this usually a really bad time to go?

Memorial day weekend is the kick-off of summer which at DLR usually means extended operating hours & increased night shows (done every night instead of weekends, multiple shows done on weekends). From my experience, both Memorial Day Weekend and the first weekend in June will be busy. The upside on Memorial Day is that you will most likely NOT run into a Grad Night event scheduled. However, going the first weekend of June you probably will, BUT we went because we scored a great rate at the Tropicana for that first part of June.

It looks like a lot of people are saying to avoid Grad nights. So given Memorial Day vs Grad nights, I’m thinking we should choose Memorial Day weekend??

So I initially discovered touring plans and the crowd calendar after a horriffic experience at a Grad Night where I considered my greatest achievement of the day NOT punching a teenager and vowed never to return on a grad night. Since then, I have learned I did a Grad Night the year before with none of the same issues without knowing I was there on a Grad Night and have done a Grad Night since that was a much better and different experience.

In my opinion, your experience on grad night largely depends on how many misbehaving grads you happen to run into and also, if you are looking to avoid the type of crowd that comes with a grad night you just need to avoid all of April-June because a lot of schools do unofficial spring break and group tours that include a day or two at Disneyland, ie we were there the weekend of April 30-May 2 along with a mass of choral and band school groups and it was very much like a grad night atmosphere and at some points even worse because they tended to be younger (and even less mature) than a grad night crowd. That being said, with Memorial day weekend being a holiday it will definitely be crowded but your crowd will probably be more families/out of towners.