Memorial day at MK or EMH Wed?

Going to WDW week of Memorial day. This is my first trip during the busy season (usually September, Nov, or Feb) so not sure what to really expect, other than many people. I’ve planned on MK on Monday due to lowest CL and have FP. However, just got into Saratoga Springs and now have EMH. Should I switch to Wednesday May 30 with higher CL but 3 EMHs? Would have to switch EPCOT from Wed to Tuesday and make new (if any?) FPs as well.
Just Dad and my teenage boys, so moving at a fast pace all day.
many thanks

Personally, I would make the change if you are going to utilize those 3 EMHs in which the crowd levels don’t matter all that much. With teenage boys, I would imagine the thrill rides take precedence, so I would take advantage of that.

Will you have PH tickets? That way you could do Epcot on 5/30 during the day and hop to MK in the evening for EMHs?

And I actually think you picked a good week to go. We have gone Memorial week for the past few years. It was crowded, but not crowded like spring break and Christmas. My kids get out of school before Memorial Day, but many school districts don’t.