Meeting The Mouse himself

So over the course of our vacation we will be meeting the man of the hour at Tusker House, Garden Grill, Ohana, and likely at Hollywood Studios. Does anyone consider Main Street m&g to be a “MUST DO”? I don’t believe he will be talking anymore, and my main reason to meet him other than him talking was to have all of the Fab 5 in their “circus” type looks, as Mickey has a magician outfit on at this location. Seems like a long wait for just a different costume. (HS seems worth it, because Sorcerer’s Apprentice Robe and Magical Hat) Thoughts?

I would say so for as long as he’s talking. After that, it’s not so must do to me.

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Do you have any experience meeting The Tremaine Sisters? Are they a must-do right at their first meet at 9:20?

Ran into them in park at MNSSHP - not a M&G they just saw my “costume” and stopped to talk. Was told my bow was crooked. They are Mean Girls LOL

Enjoyed the interaction with them at 1900PF.

Have never done the M&G in park tho.

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For me that’s always a must do. I don’t meet him in other parks, though I did H&V and TH last trip, so 3 times total.

I get a FPP for around lunchtime and meet him as we leave the park.

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