Meeting Santa?

Hi! I searched for some help but didn’t see any recent topics about meeting Santa. I saw that you can meet Santa at MK, DS, HS, and EP. Any advice or tips on any of these locations? Personal experiences? I am thinking either MK or DS, and I’m leaning towards the MK meet simply because we are spending more days there and have more free time in our schedule to fit it in…but if there is something special about one of the others then we might rethink. Also I think I read that the Epcot location might have the longest wait? Any thoughts you have would be great! :slight_smile:
(Our trip is the week after Thanksgiving, no MVMCP.)

This is our first time going for the Holidays so no personal experience but, from what I have found, the DS Santa has a kiosk where you can check in and basically get a “return time” so you don’t have to stand in line and wait. The set-up there is Santa’s Chalet which is supposed to be super cute. I have also heard that EP seems to be the busiest. As for MK and HS, I have no clue.