Meeting liners thank you

So i was going thru many many pics on my phone and saw several i mean several pics with me and other liners. I starting thinking. The more I thought the more sentimental i got. The more sentimental i got the more i looked at pictures. This loop lasted a while. The point is i am very thankful to have met so many nice people. I mean many. I want to thank all of you for the encounters in the past years. I really loved each experiance and look forward to more in the future. Love Niter


@niter It’s been a joy to meet you and get to know you and wifey. It’s always wonderful to see you. Can’t wait until we meet up again (January).

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Niter, you and wifey are awesome. It was a highlight of my trip to meet up with you. I love catching all of your pictures and adventures on chat, it always makes me smile Best to both of you. Love Jedilogray

Hi @niter, you don’t know me, but I follow you on Instagram and love seeing your pics. I’ll certainly be on the look out for you when I’m in Orlando in Feb (in a completely non weird non stalkerish way of course :smiley: )

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Haven’t had a chance to meet you yet, @Niter, but I love following your Instagram and seeing all the cool Liner meets you end up at. Hopefully you’ll be there next time I’m in WDW. It would be like meeting a Lines celeb!!

That is really sweet of you @niter. Meeting you at a park one day is on our Disney bucket list…hope you don’t mind! I bet there a quite a few others who have the same “item” on theirs, too.

Take care!

See you at 3 a.m. EMH on Dec. 6 friend!