Meeting Jasmine

Does anyone know if it is easier to meet Princess Jasmine at MK or Epcot? She was not originally in my plan to meet but my LO is suddenly obsessed…dont want to take too much time out of our day and she is not Able to be our first stop so im just wondering which line in is likely to be smaller later in the day
Traveling dates are Sept 17-24 and we will not be attending MNSSHP


Kenny the pirate, a great character resource, says that for either place the shortest wait is to arrive a few minutes before the first meet. I think that EPCOT would be easier for you because they don’t start meeting until about 12:45 this week at EPCOT but start at MK at 9:30am.
Kenny has great character resources on his web site, you should check it out.

She’s a great meet. She and Aladdin are very personable and seem to enjoy being with their fans.