Meeting Gaston - how to include in TP?

I don’t plan on doing many meet & greets but this is one of the few we would like to do. What would be the best way to plan for this? I heard the best time to meet him is in the morning as the line gets long but that’s about it.

Note: I understand why this isn’t an option on TP, just looking for some advice!

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Add a break or a “meal” at Gaston’s Tavern for the amount of time you’re budgeting.

A trick for putting this sort of thing in a Personalized TP is to make a Meal Break at a nearby restaurant for the approximate time that you want to do the M&G. This way the Optimizer can make an efficient TP that will not have you running across the park for the M&G. So in this case you would add a meal break at Gaston’s Tavern.


Thanks for the replies.
Yes, I currently have a break planned at Gaston’s Tavern for 10am & for 45 minutes. Think that’s a fair estimate?

No specific experience with the Gaston M&G, but your estimate sounds good. Perhaps a little bit long, but judging from the videos I have seen the interactions are great so it is worthwhile seeing what he does with other guests.

That sounds about right to me. This was my all time favorite M&G!! It was even fun waiting in the line and watching other people interact with him.

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Although I wonder if it might be best to move it to 11am & take advantage of some rides during that time frame.
This is a day for just my mom & I. She’s in a scooter and it will be very laid back. I’ll either be waiting for Gaston or a ride, and if I’m waiting on him at least we can eat cinnamon buns:)

Just saw this and wondering how it went?

Ha! I just saw this too.

Turns out we all met him! That was our last MK day & it was so much hotter out than we expected. We went shopping in the store right there and he was going to be coming out soon so we all met him & it was a great time.

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Good! We got there just as they cut the line off, but we watched a couple of interaction and they were very amusing!

How long did it take?

I’d say it took us about 20 - 30 minutes, but his interaction with you takes a while too, at least it did with us. He was comparing muscles with my son, kept wanting to look at his face on his phone, it was a hoot. Also, there was a little girl dressed as Belle at the beginning of the line so he was with her a bit too.