Meeting Elsa & Anna


My daughter is hoping to meet Elsa and Anna during our trip in 2 weeks. How fast do the fast passes go? Wondering if we could still get one on a Friday morning when the park opens early but we aren't eligible. Does this area show up on the "lines" app at all?

Any other Frozen tips would be great.


Fastpass will go super fast. I would head there first.

You would probably have to head there as soon as you get there and try, or you could wait during a parade and hope the line is less.

Perhaps someone else has a better idea.


Can you see them without a fast pass?


Not sure at Disneyland. I know you can at Disneyworld, but the line is usually long.


Friends who were here earlier this month got FPs at 11:30am for 4:00pm-4:20pm window, stopped by Animation Building around 3pm & zero wait for standby or FP so went in to see A&E. By the time they were done with meet, FP line was 45 min wait, didn't mention how long SB was. BTW, the meet & greet FPs aren't connected to FP network but the sing-a-long ones are.


Thanks for the helpful information!