Meeting Elsa/Anna without a FP

This will be our first time to visit WDW. I wasn’t able to get a FP to meet Anna/Elsa. My 6 year old has an appointment at BBB in Cinderella’s castle at 11am on Saturday, June 11th. My touring plan has us meeting Anna/Elsa after her appointment. The approximate wait time is 37 minutes. How accurate do you think that is? I can handle 30-40 minute waits no problem, but is it realistic? Also, is the line indoors or outdoors?

Not really something I’m interested in, so can’t really comment on wait times. The line is partially inside, partially outside; depends on how long it is.

I’ve noticed that the lines for the Anna and Elsa meet are a bit more manageable looking, just judging from what I’ve seen on the lines app (which I have been peaking at periodically to get an idea about wait times for our upcoming trip). If you’re really concerned, check out wait times on the lines app at around the time you would be going (and try to catch similar CL days) to get your own idea of what it will be like. But really, you can never know for sure. I always like to have a couple different plans for fitting in our “must do” attractions. So for example, I have the A&E mg accounted for in our July trip with plan A, but if the lines are just too long for plan a, I plan on coming back very last thing before the m&g closes.

I have no idea if it’s accurate, but I wanted to let you know that I was able to pick up 2 FPs a week before our trip using the Dibbs site. So don’t give up on that option yet!

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