Meeting Cinderella closed until June 21st?


I was reviewing my touring plan and it told me that meet Cinderella and visiting princess is closed until June 21st. The Disney website doesn’t show this, unless I’m looking in the wrong place. Does anyone know if it is really closed? Meeting Rapunzel is our number 1 thing!

MK has two differently named meet & greets for Cindy. One is for “Cinderella and Rapunzel”, the other is for “Cinderella and a visiting princess.” The first one stops about June 16, and the second one starts June 17, to replace the first one. They are splitting up Cinderella and Rapunzel into two separate items. Just be sure to get the right one for your date.

I got a FP for Rapunzel and “visiting princess”. I can add “Rapunzel and visiting princess” to my touring plan but I can’t add a FP for it in the plan. Any idea why?

It doesn’t show up in the list of FPP options on TP for MK. @len - can one get added for “Meet Rapunzel and a visiting princess”? It is like the one for “Meet Cinderella and a visiting princess” that is on the list (and I was able to add to my July TP),

I see all the other “meets” as FPP options in the drop down menu except Rapunzel! It’s a bummer bc it’s messing up my whole plan bc I can’t add the one of my FPP!

Yep - working on it.

Okay, this should be resolved now. Both “Meet Anna and Elsa…” and “Meet Cinderella and Rapunzel…” are available through 6/20, after that it changes to “Meet Cinderella and a Visiting Princess…” and “Meet Rapunzel and a Visiting Princess…”

All are now FP+ enabled on the plans. If you notice any other problems let me know here or email Brian at

The last date is 6/16, not 6/20 per the WDW site of attraction info. “Starting June 17” it claims for the split versions. Small detail.

You are correct, of course, and it has been fixed. I got confused because Anna and Elsa aren’t meeting in Epcot until the 21st, even though they leave MK on the 16th. I guess that monorail is slower than I remember.

So if my three days in Disney are the 18th-20th, there are no places to even see Anna and Elsa?

It appears so, in terms of Meet & Greets. Good catch! You can still see them in parades and shows.

Wow, what a disappointment. There are only four more characters we need to meet this trip :(. Anywho-I appreciate you responding!