Meet Rapunzel FPP

I let go of a Meet Rapunzel and Tiana FPP because we already had CRT and Akerhus meals.

But I regret it because yes although we are seeing A LOT of princess this just happens to be the stage my DD5 is and Rapunzel is her favorite… UGH!

Is it pretty impossible to snag a day of FPP for it? My last FPP are ending about noon.

And there is NO way DH will stand in line for 30 minutes to say hello to a princess. :frowning:

I’m not sure the current status of Day-of FPP for Rapunzel, but…

You could always make an ADR for Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno.

Features Rapunzel and Flynn, Ariel and Eric.


Looks like odds are slim . . .

Great idea, they are all booked for the one date where we could do a breakfast at a hotel but I am running the reservation search now thanks to your suggestion.

What a bummer!!! Thanks for the info. I may just split up with DH for the afternoon and take DD with me. We’ll play it by ear.

Reservation finder takes patience, but usually comes through if you give it enough time. Good Luck!

We did the meet just after rope drop (either right after Peter Pan or perhaps Peter Pan, Carousel and then the meet). It was a lower crowd day and about a 10 min wait.

We got one!!! Super early 7:50 AM (this is our travel day and we are not going to a park that day) so I am running it again in case we get something a little later but I am pretty excited to get the result right away.


I’ve gotten Rapunzel day of on two different trips. Two weeks ago, met her, Tianna, Cinderella, and Alana with no wait and no FP at 9:50 when the park closed at 10.

Ok there is hope. Any idea about what time it was when you get day of FPP for Princess Hall? Thx!

The time of the FP was usually after 8 pm. They were both Wednesdays the first week in October. MK was open until 11pm. I think I didn’t book it until after dinner too. It was probably our 8th or 9th FP of the day.

That’s exciting! And so much less stressful to have one that you’re trying to improve upon, than be hoping against hope that one comes in at all. I’m sure your DD5 will have a fantastic time.