Meet Mike and Sulley

Is this really cancelled? It’s showing up as no longer available on my TP for 12/3.

Im so confused.

I started replying somewhere else, but didn’t realize I was still on this post.

Wait! This JUST said something else


And that’s sad.
We love mike and sully.

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We do too! Ok, well, I do!!!


I’m so upset!! I guess I should just go next week?!

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What?!? It seems like such a popular one!!

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Omg, I had asked Kenny the Pirate about this a while ago (no times were showing in MDE) and I got the RUDEST response directly from him. I feel like a heads up on stuff like this is what my subscription is for! No?


I agree

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Omg Mike and Sully and the Incredibles/Edna?! This is devastating! :weary::sob:

I wonder if they’ll replace them with someone else?

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:scream::sob: I was so happy to see them back and now of course I’ll just miss them. Oh well, I’m glad they will be at MNSSHP, although not a meet and greet hopefully we can socialize/dance with them a bit.

I’m so sad about all the characters leaving. Baymax and Joy and Sadness, too! I haven’t heard about anything new coming in place of any of them, either. Boo.

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My absolute favorite M&G last year!

No Mike and Sully and no Baymax really leaves grumpy. We haven’t met the first two since 2007 and not seen Baymax ever.

Hope we can meet Dug and Russel and Woody and Buzz.