Meet Mickie and Minnie

Hi I was just wondering if there is anywhere in Disney World that you can meet both Mickey and Minnie for a photo together? I know that they usually have separate lines. Thanks for the help.

Red Carpet Dreams at DHS

Epcot character spot

Chef Mickey”s @ Contemporary

Any more?

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Animal Kingdom - Meet Disney Pals (there is a FP+ for it)


They are both at Epcot character spot–but they photograph separately

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The only place you can get a photo of them together is in AK. They are in safari outfits. The other meet and greets, they are all separate photos.

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In AK. :slight_smile:

In the bottom one, Minnie is swooning over discussion of chocolate soufflé at Palo on “Mickey’s ships”. :rofl::rofl:


Thanks for all the help everyone! This is great to know, we got shirts that say “im her Mickey” and “im his Minnie” so thought it would be fun to get both together.

Ah, didn’t realise that. Thanks!

At Red Carpet Dreams they used to meet together, and take photos together. Do they not any more?

No, they do not. It is separate photos.