Meet Mickey Town Square Genie+ MK 8/17

TLDR: Is meeting Mickey/Minnie in town square really an hour wait mid-day, and would you spend your 7 AM Genie+ reservation on it if you can’t rope drop?

Since Minnie started meeting with Mickey in Town Square, predictably, posted wait times have increased, and Genie+ return times have been pushed further out. Most of the Genie+ TP blog literature was published before this phenomena appeared. Trying to figure out if/when to grab that Genie+ reservation when I plan on semi-reverse stacking at MK on 8/17. TP predicted crowd level is a 6.

I am arriving at MCO with my husband at 8:15 AM, taking Mears Connect to Pop Century, then a Disney Bus to MK, which I estimate puts us arriving in the park 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. We have an ADR for Skipper Canteen at 1:50 PM.

I was thinking it would be nice to have a Genie+ reservation for Mickey at ~11 AM so we can get cute pictures before completely melting in the Florida sun. From what I have seen lately, that means reserving it right at 7 AM.

But it would also be nice to have a Jungle Cruise Genie+ reservation at ~3 PM after our Skipper Canteen late lunch. Which also requires reserving right at 7 AM.

We want to avoid criss-crossing the park too much, so I was thinking that we would do tier 2 Fantasyland attractions before our lunch, then after lunch do tier 2 Adventureland/Frontierland attractions with some reverse stacked Genie+ options (Big Thunder, Haunted, Pirates, or Splash, guessing I’ll nab 2-3 of these).

Then assuming we have some good magic we would pick up some late Fantasyland and Tomorrowland reservations and do those remaining Tier 2s at night we didn’t grab in the morning. 100% okay missing Peter Pan, which makes Space the only risky bet here. The park is open till 11 PM on 8/17.

If I grab a Mickey Genie+ at 11 AM (2 hours after park open), chances are the return time is 8 PM or later based on recent checking of the app. If I do Jungle Cruise, it’s probably also 8 PM or later. Neither of which works with the general touring plan set above. Alternatively, if I don’t grab either at 11 (instead switching to other attractions with return times that fit the schedule), and just wait in one of those lines, which would be less miserable? Is the Mickey Town Square wait really an hour right now? Is it in AC? It looks like Jungle Cruise line would be 30-40 minutes from TP predictions.

What would you do? It’s only my second time in WDW (semi-frequent Disneylander) so I would love experienced advice.

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I have been watching LL return times for a couple of weeks now to prepare for our trip which starts tomorrow. Meeting Mickey and Minnie at MK is the first LL to run out each day. But, the wait to meet them is inside in the AC. Jungle Cruise wait is outside and hot.


If you’re fast and get lucky you could get an early return time If you get 9 or 930 ish for MIckry you cdd as n probably get JC. Or get JC at a drop.

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Really? JC LL is running out before Meet Mickey I thought.

We did end up waiting for it on our last MK day earlier this summer because I could never get a G+ time that wasn’t in the evening (wasn’t willing to snag it at 7am). I didn’t want to tie up our LL for 2 hours midday so we waited. It took about 50 minutes in standby. It was a bit painful because the line moves so slowly but it is ac!

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Not from what I’ve been watching?

I monitored yesterday- wow, Meet Mickey LL ran out first!