Meet Merida Missing

I can’t seem to find an option in the Touring Plans to add a stop to Meet Merida. Is this something that is in the works?

We won’t be visiting her at RD, but more like after lunch at Cosmic Ray’s. How can I add Meet Merida to my plan? I suppose I could just extend my lunch time to accommodate, but for how long?

Any suggestions?

Not all m&g are in the plans. Usually you would add it as a break, but if it’s straight after lunch it makes sense just to extend the time. Merida’s line is usually pretty long I think, usually people recommend going straight there at RD. I’m sure someone will have an idea of how long you will wait at lunchtime though.

Thanks for the info! I expected it might be a long line. Perhaps we will have to rethink a few things and go at RD.

Maybe we will see Merida on the Touring Plan for Princess Fans some day.

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The only M&Gs on TP are the ones that are actually inside - they have a line with posted meet times. All the other characters don’t have a set published schedule, and wait times are not tracked so TP doesn’t have the info.
I add a character ‘break’ and there are web-sties that are specifically for character meets that will give you the schedules for these other characters as well as the best times to meet them & length of lines

I see, and that makes sense. Merida does seem more of a “static” one, though.

I’ll do some Googling to see if I can track down those sites. Do you have one that you’ve found most accurate?

Kenny the pirate has great info on characters.

Kenny the Pirate! He is the character king!