Meet Anna/Elsa Without FassPass...possible?


We will be in MK Jan 11 and Jan 14. Since we are staying at SOG we were not able to get a FP+ for A/E. DS4 would like to meet them for sure. So is it even possible to do so without a FP+ and WITHOUT A LONG WAIT? Our family just will not stand in line for something other than a ride for more than 30 minutes. We visit Disney in Jan because the lines are usually so short.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Having breakfast in the park is also not an option. Our breakfast will be included in our room and we are on a tight budget. I guess I'm looking to hear if it will even be possible or if I should abandon the thought altogether and start planning for other princesses.



My TP says I'll have a 26 min wait with a FP+. If I was you, I'd keep watching for a FP+. Many people have been successful getting them right up to their MK day. The key is perseverance. People change their plans all the time. Good luck.


How do you watch for Fast Passes for them? I made all our FP reservations for the days we'll be there but for A and E it said they were all distributed for the day. Do I have to cancel an existing FP to check to see if one is available? If so will one just randomly become available hopefully? First timer, can you tell? smile


We did it without a FP a few weeks ago on a level 6 day. We RD 7DMT then waited about 25 min for A&E.


We were there in October and went to meet A&E immediately after Wishes. The wait time was posted at 50 minutes but we waited only 30.


This will probably sound silly but what happens at the meet and greet? Do you literally just wait in line to stand next to A&E and take a picture? (Sorry, this is my first time going to Disney with my kids so never even looked into meeting characters before!) My kids are only 2 and 4 so probably aren't as into characters as most kids?


It's not a silly question.

Basically, you meet the character, talk a little with them, get your picture taken, and often people have books or other items for the character to autograph. My kids use books, others have used pillowcases or picture framing mats.


Your kids are the perfect age! I love 2 - 4, because the kids think everything is real. Check out this video for proof. smile


We were in the Magic Kingdom on January 2nd and 3rd. It was unbelievably crowded yet we were still able to get a few FP+s to meet Anna and Elsa after we used our first three. They were not available 30 days in advance but they were some available on the days of our visits. I would recommend that you keep checking even during the day that you are visiting the Magic Kingdom. I hope that you are able to get them.


theladydiaz - that is the cutest thing ever! I'm curious how my 2 year old with react to the characters. She was petrified of Santa this year but has never had an issue with other people/characters we have came across. I'm expecting her to just freeze and stare!