Meet Anna/Elsa Fastpass

Today was my first day being able to book fast pass and even in the morning, Anna/Elsa was booked. I tried just doing 1 person and no luck either. Any tips? Do they ever open up more slots, and if so, when should I look for those? So disappointed - this was the one FP I really wanted to get for our first Disney trip. Any advice is appreciated!!

No tips I am afraid, but I hope by the time we go next August they have sorted some better meet and greets or even a character meal with them x

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There has been some rumors that they hold a couple for 60 days out. I heard a podcast that said there are only 9 an hour. Could that be true?

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Yes 9/hour, sadly.

Some Liners have reported success with waiting somewhere in NFL during Wishes (carousel??) then heading to A&E w 0 to 20 min waits. I guess the A&E area must be closed off during Wishes.

What dates are you traveling? I have one for 10/16, but I'm not convinced we're going to go. My 2 year old would be just as happy with Pooh or Buzz.

Is there a way to transfer FPs?

Emcglone - I am there on the 16th!! Let me see if there is a way to transfer? I don't know the answer to that. That would really be amazing and I would so appreciate it!

I've known a couple of people to get them same day for A&E so just keep trying.

Sorry @smarend I just saw this now. I will look at whether we can transfer, too. My window starts at 3:10