Meet Anna & Elsa at Magic Kingdom?

Are Anna & Elsa available for meeting at Magic Kingdom? We will be there end of September… I had heard that the place to meet them was right by Bippity Boppity Boutique, which we have 8a reservations for, and i had read to get fast passes for Anna & Elsa, but I can’t seem to figure out where the A&E fast passes are on MDE… can someone give me insight? Id really love for my girls to meet Anna & Elsa right after BBB.

Thanks in advance!!

Anna and Elsa moved to Epcot when Frozen Ever After opened up. Reports are that waits have not been very long. There are not any FPs for them in Epcot.

Oooooh I thought they were at both MK AND Epcot. Thanks for the help!

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Me too. Didn’t realize there was just one spot at the Sommerhaus!

As a total side note, we loved the new digs at Epcot. Really cool - took DD4 twice during our July trip.