Meet Anna and Elsa Wait Time

Hey folks…could someone help me understand why the wait times for Frozen Ever After are so long, but the wait times for meeting Anna and Elsa are not long at all? When I look at wait times on MDE, it says FEA is 75 minutes while Meet Anna and Elsa is 5 minutes. I know lines to meet these two when they were at Magic Kingdom were really long. What is happening here?

I don’t want to spoil the “magic”, but the Royal Sommerhus actually has 4 meet and greet rooms, each with a set of Frozen princesses.

Meanwhile, Frozen Ever After has a capacity of only something like 1000 people per hour, and everybody wants to ride it.


No magic spoiled at all! This mama is just happy that the lines aren’t as long. Thank you!


HAHAHA, that’s awesome! I’m glad they accommodated for the multiple sets of princesses. Those are the only princesses my 8 year old “mom, I’m NOT a princess type of girl” wants to see. :slight_smile: I was wondering about those wait times, too, but that sounds great!

My DW and I have a goal to collect pictures with all of the princesses. We have four more to go – Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Merida. We’re going to see if we can meet our goal during our trip in October.

I’m glad to hear that the lines aren’t that long too, but I sure hope we get our picture with the real Anna and Elsa. :wink:


That sounds like an easily attained goal. Have fun on your quest!