Meet and Greets


Is there a way to incorporate meet and greets into the touring plans? I noticed they only have meet and greats for characters for characters that have fastpasses available. If I want to include random meet and greets what is the best way to do that? Particularly I don't know how much time to budget.


You have to add them in as a break which you can edit with more specific information. You have to estimate on timing too.


Personally not a big fan of M&Gs, but the best way to do them is by adding a break and labeling as a M&G. I think timing would depend on the popularity of the character(s) and the random factors of when you show up and how crowded the park is. I'm guessing 30 min, but others with more experience may be able to give you better data.


Most are on the order of 20mins or less. Those that are actual attractions (talking mickey, tink, princesses, frozen sisters) tend to be longer.


For M&Gs in EPCOT specifically, I added in an extra Pavilion tour of 20-30 minutes. This way the plan knows the general area you will be in.

Example: When meeting Mulan, we added a 30 minute China Pavilion tour.

For other places, like Rafiki in Planet Watch or other "pop-up" characters, I added a 30 minute break.


That's a pretty smart approach