Meet and Greet with Ralph and Vanellope

Has anyone done this Meet and Greet? How long are the lines? Are they comparable to Joy and Sadness?

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We did it and the lines seemed pretty close to Joy & Sadness and moved fairly quickly for us.

We did it - I think we arrived about five minutes before the greet started, and the line took about 20 minutes (although it probably would have been quicker but it turned out the family in front of us was saving space for two other families traveling with them, and they all wanted individual photos).

We just did it on Wednesday and the line was short, maybe 5-7 minutes? My picture says it was at 9:53am.

We did it last Wednesday, April 3, towards the end of their meeting time. I would say we waited between 5 and 10 minutes.

Has anyone done this recently and is it still pretty short waits? I’m pretty much rope dropping this since we are hoping to FP Test Track and are doing Soarin/FEA on another day.

I put in a 30 minute meal at Fountain View at 9am into my TP. It opens at 9:15 so I figure we can maybe rope drop TT if it is open.

Following - also, what times are the meet and greet typically? I’m hoping to get to do this in the afternoon

I see the hours are 9-7 so you should be fine in the afternoon. I know some things with characters are changing in the fall, but it appears that Ralph is staying as far as we know.

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I know some things with characters are changing in the fall,

Great - thanks! we’re going at the end of September.

We attempted to meet them in June around 5:30/6pm and the entire queue was full (and slow moving) so we chose not to wait. I’d imagine you’d have much better luck in the morning though.

We visited Ralph and Vanellope at about 9:10am last week on a CL6 day. No line, no wait.

Looks like you can get to them by going through the Figment attraction or by entering the gift shop at the end of the attraction.