Meet and Greet - Times Guide Length

In the Times Guide it says Mary Poppins has a Meet and Greet at 2pm at Epcot. It does not indicate how long she will stay there. Any idea how long she would stick around until her next times guide time?

For the Epcot ones they usually stay for about 15-20 minutes.

Usually the. CMs will close the line for the Epcot WS m&g when it reaches the number that can be accommodated. So if you’re in line you know you’ll get to meet her.

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Thank u!

Like @Nicky_S says they have brief meets.
If it’s important to meet her, I’d line up 15-30 mins before. The Epcot sets are so short. Like 20 minutes. And they close the line early. WS character meets are harder work than other parks.

If you are super into tracking down specific characters, I highly recommend getting Kenny the Pirate’s “app” - it is like a $3 subscription and was super helpful in scheduling characters when I took my niece last Jan.

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I use his app.