Meet and Greet Poll

As an Adult:
Who/what has been your favorite character meet and greet and why?

I would say Alice. She was so energetic, friendly and sweet. Later, when we passed her again she stopped, waved and yelled, " Look! There goes my friends!"

I’d say either Rapunzel who didn’t even blink at the fact that we were both adults meeting with her and chatted and had fun with us just like any kid, or the Beast after having dinner at BoG. Pooh and Friends at CP were also really fun.

Funny, I will admit my first thought was Pooh. He stole my grown son’s hat at CP.


Goofy at Donald’s Safari Breakfast at TH. He is my hero! Great interaction, signed my t-shirt…good times.

Chip and Dale at the Garden Grill. My father and I asked after Monte & Gadget (from Rescue Rangers) and Clarice, and they pantomimed a little story about how sad they were not to see their friends so often. It was really fun!

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Oh I didn’t even think about Chip & Dale. They are always a lot of fun. We met them outside of AK this last trip in their Christmas Garb.

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Gaston, for sure. Absolutley hilarious! I was in stitches waiting in line and listening to his conversations with all the people ahead of us.

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We loved Princess Merida, she was full of wit and VIVACITY!

Talking Mickey in Town Square. Why? Because he’s the big cheese!

A lot of the face characters seem to enjoy interacting with adults. They’re generally all good with kids, but if you stumble on an amusing topic, then you’re liable to have a memorable encounter with almost anyone who can talk with you.

My experience has been traveling with friends and family and their children, but I’ll sometimes try to agitate the villains. Our best experiences have been with Cinderella’s step-family during dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Last trip I talked with Drizella about all the attention the sisters from Frozen were getting, but on her way out she said, “Good night, peasants.” When I responded with “Good night, Elsa,” I got the following dirty look.


Disneyland has Thor and Captain America :wink:

Merida spent a lot of time with DD and made her feel special. DD gushed, “She called me lassie!” Also had wonderful interactions with Tiana. Always compliments DD on her hairstyle.

The wicked stepsisters in MK are always so fun. It was fun just to wait in line and listen to everyone’s interactions.


My favorite, as an adult at least, was Rapunzel. Her interactions with my kids and even with me (it was my birthday when we saw her) were just darling. She was so full of energy and had the most gorgeous, big smile!


Chip ‘n’ Dale at the Campfire Sing a Long have great interaction. I (at 50) was doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk with DS and Chip came and started adding to my picture. It was actually pretty darned fun!

@FlyerFan1973 I love the look! I’ve always wondered…how does one feel when chosen to be an “ugly” step-sister? Or, in this day and age, do we just drop the ugly part? We are doing 1900 this upcoming trip (it is on my do no cancel at ANY cost list) because I’ve heard they are a hoot!

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[quote=“NeedaTurkeyLeg, post:17, topic:9512”]
how does one feel when chosen to be an “ugly” step-sister[/quote]

I planned to talk with Lady Tremaine about being branded “evil” or “a villain” during my last visit, but unfortunately she wasn’t meeting guests during that meal. The first time I dined at 1900 Park Fare with the Cinderella cast we had an amusing encounter that began when I told my friend Todd, “See, she’s not haughty,” while Lady Tremaine was at our table. We also amused ourselves by grilling Prince Charming about what his first name was.

I confess that telling Piglet at Crystal Palace that the ham sandwiches were delicious was priceless.
If you’re there for breakfast, mention the bacon instead.

I know… I’m bad.

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