Meeeh-mor-eeeess.....making them and sharing them

I offered some colleagues a Memory Maker share but I don’t know how to actually DO them. Oops!

I have never even accomplished getting DH’s and Dkids’ MDE accounts connected with mine. I gave up and made them profiles in my account and everyone just uses my MDE account.

So, how to set up a share? I read something about making a dummy account? Might be best to not have overlapping dates?


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Yeah, then you link everyone and share the login info.

That’s all I know :woman_shrugging:


When I did one in December the organizer set up a dummy MDE account using a dummy gmail account. Everyone linked to that dummy MDE and then when it was time to download we logged in using the credentials tied to the dummy gmail account. That way no one’s personal info was at risk of anything nefarious.


Does the dummy MDE account need any park tickets or magic band or anything?

I keep seeing people refer to time to download. Can no one download until everyone is home and done?

Thank you for entertaining my ignorance!

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Ummmmm I am not well versed in that. I think once activated it’s good to capture pics for 30 days from first use. Then you have so many days after that to download your pics. That’s the timeline I’m unsure of.

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I’ve managed a memory share twice before. I’ll have to look through my computer files tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure the deal is you have 30 days to download pictures once you activate the memory share/download the first one. You can also only add pictures for a certain number of days once activated as well. So you don’t want to do that until everyone is done with their trips.

I also think you can only download back 45 days so you have to ensure everyone in the share has close enough dates!

Otherwise, it’s just as @LTinNC82 said above!o


Someone else took over managing this so I’m off the hook! Thank you for your insight!


Reviving my thread with another question and IT dilemma.

A friend (let’s call her MM) added me and BFF as friends in her MDE so we could do a MM share with her and three others that she also added as friends.

I can see all of her photos, all of my photos, and all of BFF’s photos in my account with the watermark. When I sign into MM’s account to download my pics and BFF’s pics, I can only see BFF’s pics. None of mine are in there. BFF’s pics are only a few ride photos where her MB triggered the picture. I tapped in for all photopass pics. None of mine are in MM’s account. They are all (mine, BFF’s, and MM’s) in my account. MM’s account shows all of the other sharer’s pictures.

My MB is appropriately linked to my account. Same MB I used for Xmas 2021. All my pics are in my account and charged everything using MB so I know it’s all connected appropriately. I am MM’s friend and she is my friend in MDE.

Ideas? Thoughts? What random little setting do we have wrong?

Don’t want to call Disney IT and call attention to Memory Maker Fight Club. :rofl:

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There is definitely a setting under friends and family on the website that you have to click to share.

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You might have it filtered to show just yours.

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Figured it out! She had too many people still connected to her account from previous shares. (People she travels with quite a bit so never took them off.) Once she started jettisoning people my photos showed up!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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