Mears shuttle or Tiffany Towncar (MCO - Swan)?

Our flight arrives at 5:55pm and I am really hoping we can get to the Swan around 8pm. Tiffany Towncar is $126 round trip and Mears Shuttle is $72 round trip (total for both of us). Is one going to be any easier or faster for getting us from the airport to the hotel? I have only used DME in the past.

Any of the car services will be faster because you'll be the only passengers. The Mears shuttles stop at multiple locations and no guarantee the order you'll be in. Check with some of the other car services as well, I know I see Happy Limo and a few others mentioned on lines quite often.

Edit: Just FYI the one time we used Mears when they picked us up it was a shuttle van and it was way overbooked. We ended up sitting on each others laps and they broke some stuff in our luggage because they were cramming it all in the back. I would pay more to rent a car before I would personally use them again. Others have had positive reviews of them though.

The private car over shuttle wins every time - comfortable. Fast. And no extra people or stops. Don't know Tiffany but happy limo gets a lot of liner love.

Thanks @Outer1 and @Mrs_Beast. I had heard of Tiffany on the old chat. Haven't looked up Happy Limo but will now. I want this to be a really special trip and starting off well always helps.

If you listen to Pardon the Pixie dust I know there is another company they recommend and I think they offer up a promo code as well.

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We went with Tiffany last month and they were really terrific. They stop at Publix on way to hotel for 1/2 hour. My Ddil was a little late getting back to van (she and I split the shopping list). And driver was just terrif about it - we didnt feel rushed at all. Such nice people. Same problem with their picking us up, my Dgs had last minute potty emergency just b4 we got in shuttle for return. Driver couldn't have been nicer or more patient.

Have a quote from Happy Limo of $131 round trip. I think I will spring for it. How much do you tip car service drivers assuming 2 adults each with 1 bag.

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I tip car based on trip cost like taxi. Not on # of people or bags...