Meal timing and disney shuttle?

Hi all!
Quick question about disney bussing. We have a reservation at 7:45PM at RainForest Cafe outside of Animal Kingdom on Friday Oct 26… (I’m trying to get it earlier, but no luck). I’m worried about catching the bus back to Pop Century after our meal, as the park closes at 8PM…
Any advice? Should we cancel and just eat elsewhere?

Buses will usually run until about an hour after park closing.

Worst case, you could call Uber or a taxi.

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There is usually a CM in the bus area and they will call a bus if needed.

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And, with FOP taking a long time to empty, and a possible late ROL, I suspect the DAK buses will run later than scheduled.

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Really! That’s great to know. Thank you.

Perfect. Thank you for easing my worry!