Meal times not staying put after eval or optimization

I've entered in my dining reservation times and hit optimize. However, TP will show meal times hours outside of my reservation arrival time. Example, I set Pizza Planet up for a 1pm lunch and after Optimization it shows us going to Pizza Planet at 4pm. Why arent the meal reservation times set as 'immovable objects' and other attractions get optimized around them?

Hmmm...they are supposed to be fixed, in case you have ADRs. OTOH, "breaks" aren't fixed. You entered them as "meal", correct? If so, I'd email staff to check into it. Make sure you click "publish" so you can email them a link to it.

Actually, you do not need to "publish" PTPs that you are reporting to TP staff - they have godlike powers that enable them to view all plans. Just e-mail, describing the problem and providing the plan URL.

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Thanks @brklinck blush

I've not had that problem with either breaks or meals...

I've had this happen before. Don't mind if a counter service time moves by 15-20 minutes, but 3 hours doesn't work. With table service (or BoG lunch) ADRs, I agree that the times shouldn't move in the optimized touring plan. When it has happened to me, I've usually removed a couple steps and re-optimized and gotten meal times to fall back into place.