Meal time allotment

I’m working on our TP and was wondering how much time I should allow for character meals/BOG. We want to enjoy these meals and not rush to make any rides or attractions. This will be our first trip with the kiddos (DD4, DD4, DD4, and DD2).

  1. How much time for PPO GG, TH, and H&V?

  2. How much time should we allow for PPO BOG if we preorder?

  3. How much time for O’hana @0730? How long to travel to MK from there, would we make a 0900 opening or probably not?

Appreciate any advice!

Point #2: Preorder is wonderful at BOG. I’d say that still 3/4 of the guests don’t preorder and “waste” some time ordering. It seems to be less important for breakfast, but the line for those that haven’t preorder was way outside the restaurant for lunch.

So last month, we had an ADR 8:00am at BOG (we preorder) and we were out at 8:40am without rushing it. I’d say it could be done in 30 minutes if needed.

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We went last week. Had a 12:20 for BOG. Preordered. I felt like we took our time, and were out in 45minutes. Family of 5. Other than getting our own drinks, it really felt more like TS, imo.
I was concerned even with an adr we’d have trouble finding a table at that peak time, but no issue. Got one right next to the Rose. It was a bit dark in there…


We had an 8:25 at GG and got in a few minutes early (8:15-8:20). We saw all of the characters and are fast eaters so we could have been out ahead of the rope droppers (I’m guessing they arrived around 8:45 or 8:50) . We had a Soarin’ FP+ and were really enjoying the food and experience so we took our time and I would guess were finished 9ish.

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Thanks! I wonder why more people don’t preorder to save time.