Meal Sharing

Is there a list anywhere that tells you what places you should definitely consider meal sharing (mainly looking at TS)? We’re pretty good eaters but don’t want to get surprised with everyone ordering ginormous meals and wasting heaps of food.

I know there’s quite a few QS locations like this, and I know the general consensus is that you CAN meal share just about anywhere that isn’t a package/buffet/type thing. I’m only concerned with places that we SHOULD split meals. Not worried about saving money or credits. Just food :slight_smile:


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Many quick service meals are big. My son and I split jambalaya at POFQ food court. The fried rice in AK was huge.

Any TS that isn’t “All you can eat” (Buffet or family style) you can share meals at, and most of them are quite hearty. Only exception may be the signatures - I’ve only been to the one, but our Cali Grill meal consisted of smaller portions that wouldn’t have been enough if we’d shared. Also rumour: although people like BOG dinner, I’ve never heard anyone talk about large portions or say they wish they’d shared.

Honestly we’d have struggled to share anywhere - I thought the jambayala at POFQ that @gabmom mentioned was a small portion for one! We maybe didn’t clear our plates every time, but what the 3 of us left in total wasn’t enough to to feed another person so we couldn’t have split 2 adult meals between the 3 of us. And most of the time DH and DS11 did clear their plates.

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Most of our TS were character but there were a few things we had that a medium eater grownup and a small eater child could share:

Beaches and Cream grilled cheese, soup and dessert. Also could cut a burger in half and share the platter with dessert.

A lot of quick service food, such as:
Be Our Guest Gaston’s Feast breakfast platter
Adult breakfast platter at food courts
8 piece chicken nuggets meal at food courts (we couldn’t eat it all)

Also, although DH is a bigger eater, the 3 of us often shared 2 snacks between us such as ice cream, pretzels, cookies, pastries.

Sounds like I won’t need to be concerned with this then. Thank you :smiley: