Meal Reservation Decisions

I am having a dilemma, and am hoping you guys can help me out. When I originally made my ADRs for our trip, I was able to get the following for our second day of MK: 8:05am Crystal Palace, and 6:40pm Be our Guest. I was totally excited about those reservations. Oh, and Crystal Palace was more about having early park entrance and MY having a bonus of seeing Pooh and Eeyore, than it is about the kids’ caring about Pooh and friends.

Since, however, I’ve moved our hotel to AKL, and want to use the meal credit I was going to use at BOG at Boma instead during our stay. So as it stands, if I keep the reservation for BOG, I’ll be paying out of pocket, making me be a little more discerning about the dinner menu over at BOG. So here are my questions:

  1. We have 8:00am ADRs at Tusker House one day. Should I still abandon my original plans to include a dinner at Boma one day, or will it be similar enough that I should just stick with Tusker and not mess with it?
  2. If Boma IS worth it, and you knew you were paying out of pocket for BOG, would YOU:
    a. Stick with Dinner BOG
    b. Do a 8am breakfast BOG and cancel Crystal Palace, basically freeing up 2 table credits to be used elsewhere

I’m probably WAY overthinking this, but I know dinner reservations are so hard to get at BOG, I’m just want the extra opinions telling me that the change of plans is a smart move, lol.

I do not think that you need both a Boma and a TH and I would keep your TH in case you can switch it to a RoL package.

Thanks. I thought that might be the case.

So should I keep my CP breakfast and dinner at BOG, do you think? Or do breakfast at BOG and save a table credit to use elsewhere another day?

Do you want the breakfast to get a head start on attractions (then I would change). If you want the BOG experience I enjoy dinner because they escort you in, sit you and you can meet the Beast after your meal. Of course, a 8:00 breakfast where you can pick your own seat is very special as well!