ME: Considering alternate options

When we originally were going in Nov. 17th we were all set with Magic Express. Now that our trip was pushed to April and crowds a little busier I’m thinking we may want to maximize our time better. Even with an 8pm flight out, doing breakfast, pool and lunch seems rushed.

So, besides Uber and Lyft, what are good private places that can offer decent priced quick rides from airport to wdw? thanks!

This is a great article that has helped me in the past - Orlando Transportation by Mike has been a good go-to for several Liners and that company is referenced in this article as well.

We typically do Magical Express because it is already included in our cost and is very convenient. The only issue that we have ever had is getting back to the airport too early. This was especially true for our December trip as they recently changed the rules so that Magical Express picks you up 4 hours before your flight rather than the typical 3 hours. We made it to the airport and through security within an hour of leaving our hotel. That was quite a long time to wait in the airport with young kids. Other than that, everything has been fine.

After my most recent experience, I did wonder whether Magical Express would let me board a later bus if I “missed” my 4-hours-prior assigned bus. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I recently rented a car by bidding on hotwire - cost me only $7/day! I was shocked! Much less than Uber.

Now I will say that getting from MCO to resort was not a lot faster, but getting from WDW to MCO and terminal was significanly more efficient by car.

And I enjoyed having car for getting to places that are difficult by WDW transport

Wow, that’s a nice deal! It’s the departure day that concerns me. On our original trip we were going to rent a car the last day and then visit family on the coast. Now we aren’t so we have to deal with the whole 3-4 hour early pickup, and with young kiddos and a late flight that is just a disaster waiting to happen. We’re on the monorail so we’ll be good with rest of the days and I don’t mind taking ME to the resorts on arrival day.

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Yeah, We have a late flight and wont get home until after 2am and then a super early arrival to the airport just screams disaster for my 4 and 7 year old. It’s a lot to ask from them.

Is there not a way to just use DME on arrival day, but then use Uber or something else on departure day?

That’s what I am interested in doing. Looking for a decent taxi service that will take us back to airport on departure day.

Yep. You can either let them know you’re not taking DME back or just don’t show for your time. The first is preferable so that they can readjust busses if necessary or enable someone who feels more comfy with an earlier time to schedule “your” spot.

I know that the paperwork they provided us on our last trip in June specifically said that if you miss you assigned bus, you will have to find your own transportation to the airport. We didn’t test this though, so I don’t know if they would hold you to it or try to make adjustments.

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You could lie and tell WDW that your flight is an hour later than it is, if you don’t want to go 4 hours early. That way, they’ll assign you a later ME bus.

But remember, security at MCO is crazy!!! With bigger crowds come more lines and more TSA checking. You may need those 4 hours there.

I thought the time had changed back now to the usual 3 hrs. The 4 hrs was due to MCO reccommending getting there earlier with the Holidays and construction at the airport.

But even then, although many reported having to sit around at the airport (especially if they had pre-check), there were also a number who missed their flights even with the 4 hrs pick-up.

In any case, you can just take MDE one way, not a problem. Just let them know. Can you not just use the Uber black (?) service that comes with car seats. I’m sure they can drop off at the airport, just not pick up.

But I’m confused why you think you can’t do breakfast, pool and lunch, even with a 4pm pick-up? :thinking:

We used Destination MCO. Very nice, very clean, very professional. Used them 3 times on our last trip and would HIGHLY recommend them. Much more so than Magical Express. Each time we ordered a car - they gave up (DIDN"T CHARGE) for the next step up

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There is a gentleman who does private car transport around Orlando. His charge for MCO to Disney resorts is $30, and he can accommodate up to 4 people, and he has one car seat. His car can fit 2 large bags, and a few smaller ones. He runs the transport business out of a Facebook group called Disney Vacation! To Florida And Beyond! and his name is Bill Murphy. I used his service on a recent trip and was very pleased.

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That sounds great, thank you!

Yeah, originally our trip only had a one way use of ME and they were fine with that and that’s what I hope to do now. I just don’t want to be sitting at an airport for longer simply to use a free service. I’d like to see all of my options .

Agreed. Once again remember that ME isn’t for you - it is so you don’t get a car and go off site from WDW.

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Bumping this up to see if anyone knows the answer before opening up a whole new post…
We are about to book a driver to bring us to the airport on departure day and that will buy us a fair amount of time. Since it will run about $130 I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to have the car pick us up at the airport as well. We are staying at the Poly . I know things change, but is that one of the first or last stops with DME?

Do you have TSA pre approved? What time do you think you would leave the resort ? Your flight leaves at 8:00? You will need to be at the boarding gate at 7:30?

I really don’t think you’ll buy yourself as much time as you’re imagining. An hour at the absolute most. Is $130 + tax + tip worth that much?

I would imagine Poly being among the last stops for DME inbound, one of the first outbound.

No, but we’ve never had a problem being at airport 1.5 hours early. So we want to maximize.