Me again- sorry guys! Dining plan questions

Hi ho Kermit thee frog here…

I’m trying to get all of my ADR’s together. A couple of questions that I have… are you able to have an appetizer as an entree on the dining plan? Also, can adults order off the kids menu? (believe it or not…DS16 is way more picky than DD8 or DS7…) Also, can we use the DP for the Fantasmic dinner package?


Yes, you can use the DDP for Fantasmic. We ate at the Hollywood Brown Derby two years in a row and bumped it up to Fantasmic with no charge. Worked great!!!

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Hello. There are no substitutions allowed with the dining plan, so no you will not be able to have an app as your entrée (I think this is silly of Disney, since the apps are cheaper than the entrees). Adults can order a kids meal, but it is a tremendous waste of an adult credit, though sometimes they will double the portion (the kids meal portions small, have gotten smaller every year we have been). What we did when my 10 year old wanted a kids meal, we just paid for that out of pocket and saved her credit. For every 2 meals we did that, we could add another TS and have 2 adult meals for DH and I, and just bought a kids meal for her. Worked great, and no one at the restaurants cared that we used a combo on credits and cash.


Great idea!

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This is definitely the way to go here - save those expensive TS credits for something that is really worth it - you can end up getting another TS meal or use them for a Signature TS meal.

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