MDE won't recognize tickets?

I’m probably about to call the number listed on MDE, but wondering if any of you had something similar happen. My mother is going on three disney trips within one month. She didn’t plan it that way, she was invited by three different people and they all happened to be within one month! So me and my sister (who is one of the other “group leaders”) set up a MDE account for her. When we go into her account, we can see her tickets for our trips there. But our ticket icons are greyed out. In our account, it says she has no tickets shared with us. When we switch her privacy settings to “Share all my plans” her ticket icon turns blue again and it seems like we are “linked” but then we see everyone else’s plans in our MDE and it gets confusing fast. Any ideas? We are worried about not being able to get fastpasse. We still have time, so if it persists I’ll call the number this week but if it’s a quick fix maybe I don’t need to call.

Also, if she wants to upgrade to an annual pass on her first trip, would that mess with her plans/fastpasses for the other two trips? I’m fairly certain she has inadvertantly spent more money on tickets than for an AP.