MDE woes

Today I had my son create an MDE account and add his wife. That went fine.

In the meantime I updated my family info. I tried to remove my DS19, but it won’t let me remove him. Tried repeatedly both in the app and website but it won’t let me.

Then I tried to link my son and his wife. I could get my son added but not my DIL. Each time it would send the invitation to my email instead of theirs.

No amount of trying worked. After almost an hour of all different ways we gave up. Decided that MDE is a piece of junk. Worst software. I had all kinds of issues getting the most basic things done. This description here is just a few.

Not sure how Disney expects people to use this thing. I hope they get it working properly before our trip in May 2020.


:roll_eyes: sorry. i test software for a living and yea mde not real good stuff

It’s shocking. When I tried to link with my parents, the emails kept being sent to me. It did work eventually. Having said that, I have no family and friends listed on the app at all! Everyone is there on the website at least.

I would not hold my breath. It has been a problem forever.

We had issues two years ago with a party of 10 getting everyone hooked up on MDE. We tried everything and could not get it to work. Ended up having to call. They fixed everything for us over the phone. Next time we logged into MDE it all worked.

It is not great that you have to call and can’t just do it on the website or app. But, at least you can call and they will fix it for you.

Sadly true.

I think I’m going to send this information to Disney. This is a description of the issues I faced within MDE so far. Does this seem clear to you? I’ll tweak anything if you think it needs more clarification.


  1. Originally, my son set his “Character” as Wall-E. I was able to link to him, and he shows in my list as Wall-E. But then, he decided to change his character to something else he liked better. He did so, but he still shows up as Wall-E in my listing. So, I removed him from my list entirely and re-invited him. He still shows up as Wall-E. But I have no way to change the character displayed. (Minor issue, I know.)

  2. When we linked, despite the fact that I have my settings so that he should be able to see all my guests on my account, they don’t show up for him. So, he manually went to do “Add a guest” for everyone in my account (my wife and kids). I received invitations. But each time I accepted the invitation, if I went off the list of guests and came back on my phone, I would receive another invitation request to accept or decline from him. No matter how many times I accepted, if I left the list and came back, the pop-up indicating an invitation would return. Finally, he just removed the invitations from his end and that resolved things.

  3. Anytime I made an update to someone in the list, after I was done with the update (such as to the character image, etc), it wouldn’t be reflected in the list of guests until I went to a different page in the app (such as My Profile) and then back. (Annoyance, and evidence of like almost NO testing being done on this software!)

  4. When I tried to invite my son’s wife (who is in his list of guests he manages), the invitation email goes to ME instead of HIM. But if I then accept the invitation, it says unable to perform action. But my son never received an email to accept, nor did he get any pop-up in the app or website to accept.

  5. When I eventually canceled the invitation for my daughter-in-law, she now remained in my list, but as someone who is “managed by me”. I had to go in and subsequently remove her effectively twice. (I noticed on the website, this is a bit easier, because there is an option to cancel the invitation and simultaneously remove the guest…but it makes no sense whatsoever to cancel a pending invitation and then have them remain in the listing, since the point is to connect them, not to just have a name listed.

  6. Our last trip was in 2016 when we used MDE (software was quite different then). We had tickets linked. Anyhow, I tried to remove my son who is 19 from my list of guests I manage because he will not be going on our next trip. But both on the website and app, it would say I couldn’t because of link plans. I had to use the website to find that the previous tickets from 2016 were still listed as “active” despite the fact that they had been used up and expired in November of 2016. So I went in and marked them as “Inactive” in the website (couldn’t find how to do this in the app). I thought this would allow me to remove my son from the list, but it still says I can’t remove him due to active plans. Yet, I have no active plans!

Both my son and I are software engineers by profession, and yet after more than an hour of fighting with this, we couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that this software is horrible.


From my perspective, number 1 is probably not necessary, but if it is annoying enough for you to think to write down then it is probably important enough to mention.

The other ones are important, especially 3. My husband does software testing for a HUGE system of metadata for a living, and this kind of stuff is SO important to be reported so they know what it going on.

I am having the same issue as someone who commented above where my app says (1) for FPP reservations but when I click the reservation or look on the computer, it says the proper number (which is 3). Maybe I should send a message, too.

I’ll keep it, but I’ll shift it to the bottom, since it is probably not the best “opener” to a list of complaints. :slight_smile:


It sounds like you want to send this info to Disney in the hope that they’ll improve MDE. Is that right?

You were probably planning to do this anyways, but make sure you clearly state why you’re sending the email and what you’d like them to do. Ex., “I noticed problems indicative of flaws in the programming of the software and wanted to share them with you to facilitate troubleshooting and repairs of said flaws. Please send this list to the IT department and ask them to review and fix these issues.”

Otherwise, I could see a CM wondering what they were supposed to do with the list and just doing a quick reply referring you to a phone number to call, where another CM would try and get around/fix the issues for you without actually improving the software.

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My experience is that reservation data doesn’t migrate into MDE properly and leaves a lot of exception cases that MDE isn’t programmed to deal with.

In my case I had to call MDE Tech Support and work with them to get the data corrected.

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Yes. This is a good point, and exactly what I did. I made sure that the point of this was so that the could improve their software. I also stated that since MDE is now commonly the FIRST experience anyone has with Disney before coming to Disney (particularly for first-time guests) that the it doesn’t reflect well as a first impression.

We shall see if anything comes of it. I can’t help but think they know how to address a concern when it comes up, but with anything IT related, they just assume the worst. In fact, I’m sure of it. Because I found the following on one of the pages on the website:


They are basically admitting on the website they know they have a problem, but rather than fix it, they will address individual cases if people call.

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That is an excellent point.

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I tried linking with a friend for our trip. Randomly one day they just disappeared. Re-linked and again disappeared. His family stayed on though which was weird. I ended up calling Disney and they fixed it fairly fast.

I received an email back from WDW today which included, in part, this:

Our Guests’ feedback is vital throughout our Resort in preserving the magical experience that we so strongly wish to deliver. Please be assured your full message has been shared with our technical team as we are continuously looking to make improvements in our Guest experience.

The “be assured” was highlighted by me here. Perhaps I’ve been tainted by too many experiences talking to AT&T Customer Support…but when they say the words “I assure you” and “be assured”, it makes me just think, “Yeah. Right.”

But this is Disney. So maybe they really DID forward it to their technical team. One can only hope.

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If I want to share our plan with my husband would I be better off giving him my log-in info over trying to add him? Would this mess things up if we’re both logged in?

Wow…that’s cost efficient - NOT and requires customer to have to be on hold for quite some time, possibly - EEK