MDE update

Just went into my MDE app there are quite a few differences. Things are moved around. Hopefully this update means the app will work better??? Fingers crossed. We leave in a week, so I’m exploring the app now so i can learn were everything is!


The cynic in me thinks that they moved things around as a way to distract you from the things that still don’t work. :wink:

But one can hope!


Mine looks the same :frowning:

What changed? We leave Sunday…not sure I can handle major changes right now!!!

Mine is the same too, there are no available updates, and my family and friends list is still MIA.

I checked on my phone, and it was lasted updated on Feb. 13, with no more updates since.

Oh turns out I was mistaken! Though there was no update in my pending list, when I searched for the app apparently an update became available yesterday (iPhone). I’m just doing it.

My update just showed up too! I’m doing it…living on the edge :wink:

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So this is what I see - the panel underneath the Minnie Vans is a rotating selection of opportunities to spend more money - EMM, DAH, H20 night etc. Only under those do I get to see my plans.

Oh but my family and friends reappeared!


Well, since I made my post about my MDE complaints, they have done some back-end fixes it seems. The app itself is the same as it was (on Android). But I was now successfully able to remove my DS19 from my Friends and Family list. Before, it wouldn’t let me remove him (he won’t be joining us for our trip next May).

But, if I try to invite my DIL to my list now, it still sends ME the invitation, not my son/DIL.


It did that when I tried to invite my mum but somehow we still ended up linked.

If I invite my DIL, it shows up as “Invitation Pending” in my app. Then, a minute later, I receive an email that says I have been invited! Well, if I use the email to accept the invitation, it doesn’t let me. If I go back into the app, it still says “Invitation pending”. If I then CANCEL that invitation, rather than remove my DIL from my list, it leaves her in my list, but as someone with the same name where I can manage her plans. But it is NOT linked to the same account that my son set up.

Actually yes I think that was what happened. But then I logged into my dad’s account and the invite was there and I accepted it myself. It was complicated however I did it.

Not quite fully populated yet!

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There doesn’t seem to be a spot (on the app at least) to check- in or update check-in. I could be just missing it.

The mini-van and order food were very prominent but the next time I opened it the order food on the home page was gone. So it seems to change why you see on the home page.

This time I just went in…not two mins later and update check-on is now there as well as the order food. So weird. Just going to have to just get use to where things are now.

If I click on resort, I can check in online. And you’re right, I don’t have Minnie Vans this time, I have buy Memory Maker so it does change.

Is this update just for iPhone? My app on Android still looks the same.

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Mine is iPhone.

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Last Android update is listed as Feb. 13. I don’t know if we’ll expect one soon…but considering @missoverexcited’s post about

came to this…

This suggests that the iPhone app was behind the Android app in some ways. The Friends and Family list was not missing in the Android version.

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Yes Feb 13th was the last update on mine as well. I had the same problem trying to invite my SIL to my family and friends, it kept send me the email. Also I still cant see any of my wife’s FP’s even though we share the same account.