MDE--To share or not to share; I don't want to mess up my own Family MDE

My DD (19) will be traveling with a friend and their family to WDW. DD does not have an MDE account of her own, as she’s always been controlled by me. Her friend’s mom needs to add DD to her MDE to make FP etc. I assume the mom can send me a request to link as friends, so I can give permission for her to manage DD. But do I want to do that? I don’t really know this family. Also, if she creates a profile for DD with DD’s email address, will that get messed up with DD being under my account (where she has no email associated with her name)? I had a “phantom” account for my other DD that took forever to get rid of, as she was a duplicate in the system because of two separate email addresses–I could no longer manage her, but she then couldn’t log in as having her own account. Is there an easier way?

I think DD should have her own account that’s linked to both your family account and her friend’s family’s account.

Do you have anything in your current MDE that would need to be reassigned to her new stand-alone account?

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You don’t have to worry about this if you invite DD through your friend list to create her own account. Click on update next her her name and then click “share plans with…” at the top. You can type in her email and she will get an invite to connect. All the plans should stay linked.

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You could set up a new MDE account for her (maybe use or don’t use her middle name to make it different) and set up an email that both you & DD have access to.